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Our Passion at Oshomo

is to serve you the freshest, healthiest, gluten free, organic plant-based food, that tastes and feels the way nature intended; vibrant, nutritious, delicious and full of life. Our ethos is to put together a meal that not only tastes divine but also supports your body by delivering the required vitamins and minerals to the relevant organs, your nervous and immune systems. In supporting the body, the mind and emotions naturally fall into balance, creating a harmonious and joyous state of being.

This Week's Menu

Our Menu Is Seasonal and changes every week to bring you only the freshest dishes and ingredients

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Why Choose Oshomo

Our Menu Is Seasonal and changes every week to bring you only the freshest dishes and ingredients

What we do in the kitchen

It all begins with an ingredient, a scent, a colour or a flavour….

“You are what you eat” is something we adhere to closely, what begins on your plate becomes an integral part of your body and mind.

Mindful awareness in the kitchen is our secret ingredient: our unique training allows us to bring to the kitchen a serene and joyful energy that infuses all our meals.

We always enter the kitchen with a happy heart, a bouncy step and a calm mind; essential ingredients for high vibrational foods.

Our chefs personally select the juiciest, aromatic, flavoursome, organic seasonal vegetables at farmers markets and reputable certified organic wholesalers.

Inspiration comes from holding, smelling and tasting.

Let Us Help You Help Yourself

With over 25 years training in Naturopathic, Ayurvedic and culinary traditions from around the world, our chefs create our organic recipes with your health in mind, making them uniquely original, sublimely tasty whilst being restorative to your body, it’s organs and your immune and nervous systems.
We adopted this lifestyle over 30 years ago making our understanding and experience in this field very rich and personal, “we practice what we preach”. … something inspiring to look forward to at the beginning of your day

How We Help

Whether you are a cook yourself, a busy individual, recovering from an illness or someone who just enjoys great food at home, our meals afford you the opportunity of discovering new and unique flavours with the purest and healthiest of organic ingredients including our water (spring water or filtered) and oils (used sparingly).
Your organic meals are freshly prepared and arrive fresh not frozen in sealed pouches that are easy to store in your fridge or freezer. They are quick to heat up in a pot (just 3mins) and you are spared the shopping and chopping making it fast and easy to serve up a delicious immunity boosting, energy gaining, nutritious meal in minutes.

What Our Customers Say

Our Menu Is Seasonal and changes every week to bring you only the freshest dishes and ingredients

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